Stéphanie Jaegli - family or career? Both!

Job sharing allows me to have an exciting management position and enough time for my family, too.

Stéphanie Jaegli

Group Lead - amine synthesis

Having started out as a member of the laboratory team in amine synthesis, Stéphanie became a technology and innovation manager. She shares her current role as group leader in research with a colleague. It is the ideal model for her, enabling her to perfectly combine her career with family life.


I did my PhD in France and completed my postdoctorate in England. At BASF I started in the amine synthesis group and was directly co-responsible for process development in a pilot plant. That was a jump in at the deep end because I came from natural product chemistry. After five years of research, I moved to Intermediates, first as a technology manager, afterwards into innovation management and was then in charge of the Asset Target Picture back in the technology department. At the beginning I sat in the open-plan office, which was great because there was a lot of exchange, and I was able to learn a lot from my colleagues. I never lost my connection to amines while I was at Intermediates; I only changed my perspective. When I switched back to research in 2021, I became leader of the team where I had started 10 years ago. The special thing about my position is that I share the job with a colleague – and this arrangement works extremely well for everyone involved. It has always been important for me to be able to be there for my family and they have always been part of my decisions about whether to take up a job. With the job-sharing position, I found the perfect balance between work and family.

Sometimes there is a small window of time, an opportunity. Then you must be clear about what you want and what you are willing to invest. I have always defined cornerstones for myself, what motivates me, what is important to me and have remained true to these topics. When I had my first child, flexible working hours became important. Therefore, I didn’t consider certain positions with a strong operational focus that required me to be present on-site. When choosing a position, I have always made sure that it is an exciting field of work and that there is a good team spirit. That was more important to me than following a pre-dictated career path that I don’t want to follow and would not enjoy.

There are many paths that lead to the destination. I have achieved an exciting management position where I have the right balance between job and family. You can find your way and be successful without burning yourself out.