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Our team advises the BASF management on strategic topics in the areas of marketing and sales, innovation, organizational design and change excellence. We also support acquisitions and divestments through strategic consulting and professional project management. We work across all business units of BASF. From the sole of the Adidas Boost athletic shoe to lightweight components for many vehicles, refrigerator seals, cell phone displays or crop protection products to contribute to food security – in practically every area of our lives, BASF makes an invisible contribution with visible results.

To meet our clients’ challenges in the best possible way, consultants from the various groups work together on our projects in teams composed according to specific needs.

BASF Management Consulting



A dynamic market environment requires ongoing adjustment or even development of new strategies and business models – especially in the context of advancing digitization or with the goal of improved sustainability. The Growth & Innovation Excellence group develops strategies on the basis of detailed market and ecosystem analyses and with a clear customer focus. In particular, the subject of innovation in the areas of products, processes and with regard to digital business models plays a key role in ensuring the growth of the business and making certain BASF sets itself apart, now and into the future.

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Dynamic markets and shifting customer requirements are crucial challenges for BASF. The Marketing & Sales Excellence team offers comprehensive solutions in order to meet these challenges. These solutions include both strategic concepts and operational measures aimed at understanding markets, customer requirements and competitive situations. Among other things, we also provide support during the process of defining and implementing the product and customer portfolio and pricing, and we design market launch strategies. In this way, the team makes an important contribution to BASF’s successful long-term growth.

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Suitable organizational structures are essential to the success of business strategies and growth. With that in mind, the Organizational Excellence group focuses on optimizing organizational structures and processes. The group’s tasks range from operational activities such as process analyses and optimization thereof to defining roles and responsibilities and the associated control mechanisms involved. We harness our expertise to help our clients streamline their organizations, making them less complex and more effective and efficient and thereby reaching their operational and strategic goals optimally.

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The Post Merger Integration Excellence group plays a central role in the operational implementation of integration and carve-out processes within the BASF Group. To reach the strategic and financial goals that have been set, the team develops suitable integration and carve-out concepts early on, during the transaction phase. The basis for this is the business models for the businesses that are being integrated or spun off. Afterward, the team shares in responsibility for implementing the concepts in operational terms. Within the Project Management Office (PMO), team members take on responsibility for coordinating the project with all of the business units and functional units involved at the central level, and often regionally as well.

For an example from the Post Merger Integration Excellence group, please click here.


The number of change processes is constantly rising. But new business strategies and processes can only enjoy long-term success if managers and employees can manage and implement the necessary changes effectively. Achieving that is the goal of the Change Excellence group. This group focuses on advising the management with an eye to design, planning and implementation of strategic changes. In concrete terms, this means the team conceptualizes, monitors and supports measures aimed at effective management, communication, participation and actively involving everyone concerned in the change process.

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