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With our effective, strategic projects, we actively drive processes of change forward. Our global team advises the business units and functional units at BASF in many different areas – always with a pronounced focus on general management.

Our clients come from the twelve divisions of BASF, which are grouped together into six segments. The issues involved range from the automotive industry to agriculture.

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These examples of our work on projects are based on real-life projects. They offer an impression of what makes our work so exciting:


The Growth & Innovation Excellence group gets BASF ready for the future. For example, the team supported a project aimed at establishing a separate company to support forward-looking business ideas proposed by employees. In groups known as “venture teams,” colleagues receive support to launch their new products, digital business models or comprehensive all-in-one solutions on the market quickly and efficiently. This helps BASF tap into new business fields and generate growth. The consultants were instrumental in conceptualizing this new company and drawing up the implementation plan. 


One of the divisions was looking to increase profitability on a lasting business by optimizing its pricing. To that end, the Marketing & Sales Excellence group first analyzed the established price structures, processes, responsibilities and tools. On that basis, key areas where there was potential for improvement were identified and coordinated with the unit. After that, the strategies for pricing, operational implementation and determination of responsibilities were defined. A price and margin management tool was introduced to support the long-term adoption of the new processes and solidify the new responsibilities within the organization.


A global business unit needed to adjust its business model in order to remain competitive in a changing environment.

Based on the new business strategy, the Organizational Excellence team worked together with their client to design the future structure and workflow organization. This included realigning global R&D activities and the marketing approach used, along with honing the profiles of global and regional tasks in product management and marketing. The changes are reflected in a new organizational structure with clear future activity profiles and areas of focus.


BASF acquired Chemetall, a global company, from Albemarle in 2016. Chemetall specializes in treating metal surfaces. The company posted about $845 million in sales in 2015, and the transaction brought approximately 2,500 employees worldwide to BASF. Through the acquisition, BASF supplemented the portfolio of its Coatings division.

The key challenge in this integration was to develop a suitable target operating model (TOM) within BASF. The focus was on the organizational details of the future global business unit and its success-critical business processes.

Together with the Coatings division and the functional BASF units, BASF Management Consulting also mapped out all the measures needed to ensure successful integration into BASF and implemented these steps together. These measures ranged from developing the future branding to implementing the BASF enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in regional waves.


During the reorganization of a business unit, the Change Excellence team identified new roles, processes, and behaviors that would be needed and put these in place with lasting success. One key aspect of this process was the team’s work with the upper management. Together, the group first defined the goals of the changes and the target groups for these measures. After that, the team analyzed how these goals would affect the various groups involved and developed measures to ensure that the reorganization was a success. The focus of the measures was on including the various management levels and employees in the process of designing the future organization. Key activities toward this end lay in the areas of management, communications and training.


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