Employee Networks

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) offer employees the opportunity to network with colleagues with similar interests, backgrounds or fields of activity and to jointly expand their knowledge and skills. Exchanging ideas with colleagues at network meetings is a first step to enrich your personal and professional development.

Join the Employee Networks early on – for an open, tolerant, respectful working atmosphere and your personal development here in BASF.

Women in BASF (WIB) is an employee resource group open to all employees. WIB Ludwigshafen was founded in 2010 and is one of the first and biggest resource groups within BASF SE. Women in BASF as well as further community-specific women networks (find out more below) seek to achieve equal career opportunities for all employees. To this end, WIB can support BASF with recruiting, developing and retaining female employees, establishing a new leadership culture, and consolidating BASF’s role in the market.


Women in BASF (WIB)

As an employee network, Women in BASF (WIB) is open to all employees. WIB Ludwigshafen was founded in 2010 and is one of the first and largest interest groups within BASF. Networks for women strive for equal career opportunities for all employees. To this purpose, WIB supports the recruitment, development and retention of women in the company, contributes to a new management culture in discussions and events and advocates BASF as an attractive employer.

We offer the following networks:

• Women in BASF (WIB)

• Women in Digital (WiDi)

• Women in Research (WIR)

• Women in Tech Business (WIT)

• Women in Production (WIP)

The Men's Network aims to create awareness for the specific needs and perspectives of men in all phases and steps of their career. Flexible work arrangements and part-time options for men are one of various topics of the network.

When it comes to equal opportunities for men and women, balancing family and career is essential. We all win when we get rid of gender stereotypes at home or at work. At BASF, we will increase our offer to flexible and individual job models wherever they can be implemented operationally. I´m happy to support as patron an employee resource group that drives these topics for all of us here at BASF.“
Member of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF SE, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BASF Corporation, located in Florham Park, New Jersey, United States, responsible for the divisions Agricultural Solutions, Care Chemicals, Nutrition & Health, Region North America, Region South America

Michael Heinz

Member of the Board BASF SE


The BASF Employee Resource Group LGBT+Friends Ludwigshafen was founded in 2012. This network of employees deals, for example, with the interests, issues and concerns of homosexual, bisexual and transgender employees. The LGBT+Friends Community offers a forum for networking and exchanging experiences and is open to all interested employees.