Discover how employees create chemistry with you@BASF


At BASF, employees create their own success and satisfaction at work and life with you@BASF, a unique total offer of benefits, compensation, learning and development opportunities, and safe and caring work environment.

Meet Brandy@BASF

Brandy’s journey began nine years ago when she discovered a world of opportunities at BASF. She took her career in a new direction and now helps other employees find the tools to shape their future.

Discover how Brandy created chemistry with us!


Meet Christian@BASF and Kristin@BASF

BASF has a lot to offer, from onboarding support, childcare and other work-life balance options to interesting development opportunities.

Discover how they created chemistry with us!


Meet Jessie@BASF and Anup@BASF

Jessie and Anup appreciated the international opportunities and experience across job functions. They never thought such a dynamic career journey was possible at a single company.

Discover how they created chemistry with us.


Meet Paula@BASF

Paula searched for a global company with strong values. Over many years at BASF she found professional growth and personal support when she needed it most. 

Discover how Paula created chemistry with us!


Meet Sundar@BASF

Sundar found a strong lifelong learning culture at BASF. He embraced new challenges in each stage of his 30-year career and built a great network of people along the way.

Discover how Sundar created chemistry with us!