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you@BASF: Paula from South America


BASF is one of the leaders in chemical industry and has more than 150 years of innovation knowledge and experience creating sustainable solutions. For me as an employee, one of the things that I consider important is the fact that BASF promotes a healthy and balanced workplace, where I can manage to have a great work-life balance. We are all fully involved and committed with our business goals, have the support of the leadership, have safety as our number one priority, work in a connected team (globally and locally) and we also have the opportunity to stay close to our family. 

I strongly recommend BASF, because it is a company where you are encouraged to build your network and exchange ideas and experiences with professionals from different sectors and specialties, thereby raising of your own level of knowledge and cultural awareness. In addition, BASF is a very solid company with 150 years of history, which gives you the feeling that we are in it together, as one team creating chemistry to shape the future of our planet.

During my career at BASF, I have been challenged in many areas in my life, personally and professionally. I was part of a bunch of projects that for sure influenced our regional agriculture scenario. Nevertheless, I believe that my proudest and happiest moment was, when I became a manager and had the opportunity to lead and develop a team. I feel that I still can contribute to the company’s goal to grow in South America, as I keep developing relationships with other areas and continue my BASF journey.