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you@BASF: Sundar from North America


BASF genuinely values one’s ability to learn and grow, while taking on different tasks, responsibilities and even completely different roles, sometimes in different professions. Here you can have a much more varied and engaging experience than what typically defines a career in many companies – often confined by the starting point of an educational credential or narrow prior experience.


I would say first find out more about BASF from insiders, so you can match your impression of the company with your own work aspirations. You may hear that work is done through teamwork and a network is very important, and you need to be flexible with achievement through collaboration. Does that fit well with what you are looking for and what you are good at?


I’m very proud of how my career has turned out as a summary, with its small collection of achievements in very diverse areas of the enterprise. I’m lucky to have had opportunities like implementing SAP, converting the US operation to metric units, introducing e-Learning, helping to build a manufacturing talent pipeline. So, to answer “what’s next?”, I would like it to be something I have not done yet, and neither has anyone else at BASF.