Trade News  |  23 October 2019

Future-ready for sustainability and digitalization – BASF presents its new solutions at SEPAWA in Berlin

  • Now available: Trilon® M Max based on renewable resources
  • RedisoTM and Mixed Reality, digital solutions by BASF, deliver added value to customers in the washing and cleaning agent industry
  • 100 percent biodegradable: Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA are effective alternatives to surfactants containing sulfate and are very gentle on the skin and eyes
  • Looking after the skin and soul: BASF's skin-to-soul care concept based on cream-to-oil emulsion technology


At the SEPAWA Congress in Berlin from October 23 to 25, BASF will be presenting the company’s latest solutions for applications in the home care and industrial & institutional (I&I) cleaning and personal care markets. BASF shares booths 175-179 and 191-194 with its European sales company, BTC Europe.

New BASF solutions for even greater sustainability in automatic dishwashing detergents

Protecting our climate is one of BASF’s core commitments, and a bedrock of our corporate strategy. A key goal is to achieve CO2-neutral growth by 2030. “Efficient use of resources is important not only to us at BASF. Sustainability is also growing in importance for customers, enabling them to differentiate from competitors and meet the demand of end users for sustainable detergents and cleaning agents. We help our customers move forward on their journey to greater sustainability through the use of renewable resources, less consumption of fossil resources and lower CO2 emissions in product manufacturing,” says Soeren Hildebrandt, Senior Vice President of Home Care, I&I and Industrial Formulators Europe at BASF.

One area where sustainability is growing in significance is automatic dishwashing. In addition to first-class performance, customers are increasingly looking for biodegradable and bio-based raw materials. Modern dishwasher tabs are expected not just to remove soils and stains on dishes, they also have to go easy on the environment and consume minimal resources. BASF has the solution – with a combination of bio-based and conventional ingredients for machine dishwashing detergents. Under the brand name Trilon® M Max BioBased, BASF now produces the complexing agent Trilon® M with renewable raw materials. With Trilon M Max BioBased, almost half the product can be claimed bio-based. In addition, BASF offers the new Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced, produced according to the biomass balance approach – in which renewable resources such as bio-naphtha and biogas are used in place of fossil fuels right at the start of the production process. This approach, used for the production of Trilon M Max EcoBalanced, allows to replace 100 percent of fossil resources by renewables. BASF’s two new Trilon M generations protect the environment and climate without compromising on the high performance of the products.

Outdoor fun that leaves no trace: with the right washing solution

From mountain biking down a muddy path, to tennis on a clay court, BASF solutions get laundry reliably clean after a tough day outdoors. Sokalan® HP 96 in detergents helps to remove stains and also prevents soils from re-depositing on textiles during washing. The combination of Sokalan HP 96 with Tinopal® CBS-X is ideal for whites. The results: high-performance formulations for dazzling white laundry. Both products meet EU Eco-Label criteria.

Digitalization adds value for customers

To explore new business opportunities and stay competitive, the home care and I&I industry needs fast answers, individual solutions and access to profound knowledge. BASF will be using the congress to present the new digital assistant, RedisoTM. The platform delivers access to overarching home care and I&I industry themes while providing round-the-clock virtual support, answering questions and proposing solutions. BASF is offering limited free trials for trade fair visitors:

Digital applications including augmented and mixed reality are helping BASF to make maintenance and production processes more efficient. Interactive 3D projections of objects such as system parts and plant components provide location-independent access to key information, facilitating better decision-making and optimizing knowledge transfer. Demos at the BASF booth with mixed reality headsets will show how the technology is being used at BASF even now.

Environmentally friendly, innovative solutions for the personal care industry: Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA are extremely gentle on the skin and eyes

Texapon® SFA is a very mild, innovative anionic surfactant based on sustainable, RSPO-certified renewable resources. The product is extremely gentle on the skin and eyes, making it especially suitable for delicate baby skin and formulas for tear-free shampoo products. Clinical tests have shown that Texapon SFA does not cause a burning sensation in the eyes, is easy on the skin and mucous membranes, and creates an extremely porous, stable and creamy foam. Sensor tests have confirmed these results. 

Texapon SFA is extremely stable in terms of storage and temperature, and can be used across a wide pH range. It is 100 percent biodegradable and suitable as an alternative to surfactants containing sulfate. The product reinforces the beneficial effect of the cationic polymers in shampoos and has been proven to make it easier to comb hair – including when added to formulas that do not contain polymers.

Dehyton® SFA is an innovative blend of Texapon SFA and betaine. It is cold-processable, easier to formulate and comes with very low risk of irritating the eyes. It is extremely gentle on the skin and mucous membranes and can be used as a micellar thickening agent in formulas.  

Looking after the skin and soul: BASF's skin-to-soul care concept based on cream-to-oil emulsion technology

The global trend toward finding ways to unwind and do things at a slower pace has also taken root in the skincare industry. BASF's skin-to-soul care concept is designed to enable its customers to meet this consumer need. Taking the time out of a busy schedule to do an intensive skincare routine can reduce stress and improve physical and mental well-being. The transforming textures of BASF's cream-to-oil formulas offer an intensive sensory experience that leave the user feeling cared for and relaxed following their skincare routine. The light, pleasant O/W formulas are rich in oil (up to 50 percent), which becomes evident as soon as it is applied to the skin. The result is an oily texture that glides across the skin. With this latest generation of cream-to-oil technology, BASF is able to meet the demand among consumers today for environmentally friendly ingredients, and opens the door for a huge range of new formula concepts that fulfil the requirements of the COSMOS standard for natural cosmetics. BASF customers can also opt for the most environmentally friendly UV filters on the European market for all new cream-to-oil sunscreen formulas based on the assessment by the EcoSun Pass.

Exchanging expertise

Experts from BASF will be taking part in the ’Forum for Innovations’ and the ’European Detergents Conference’. Here is an overview of the presentations:


Wednesday, October 23




Event Location

11:15 –

11:30 am

Sven Biermann

#speed #simplicity #solutions for the Home Care and I&I Industry

Room 3

2:30 –

3:00 pm

Stephan Köhler

Molecular Simulations of Detergents: From Molecules to Formulations

Convention Hall I A

4:00 –

4:15 pm


Ina Wierichs

A new, eco-friendly, 100% natural Anionic Surfactant for the Formulation of very mild Shampoos and Shower Gels that are extremely gentle on the Skin and Eyes

Room 2

Thursday, October 24




Event Location

09:45 –

10:00 am

Kerstin Kieser

Are Bio-Based Surfactants just a Trend or the Future of our Industry?

Room 1

10:00 –

10:30 am

Dr. Claudia Brunn

Fatty Acid Sulfonate – a Surfactant with a Future

Convention Hall 1 A

12:00 – 12:30 pm

Dr. Frank Wangemann

Status REACH: Present and Future

Room 3

3:00 –

4:00 pm

Katrin Schwarz (BASF), Alex Föller (Verband TEGEWA)

European Chemical Regulations and their Impact on the Surfactant Supply-Chain – Activities of the Association TEGEWA


Room 3

Friday, October 25




Event Location

10:00 –

10:15 am

Frank-Peter Lang

Automatic Dishwashing Gels – a Trending Product Format with Special Formulation Needs


Room 1


About the Care Chemicals division at BASF

The BASF division Care Chemicals offers a broad range of ingredients for personal care, home care, industrial & institutional cleaning, and technical applications. We are the leading global supplier for the cosmetics industry as well as the detergents and cleaners industry, and support our customers with innovative and sustainable products, solutions and concepts. The division’s high-performance product portfolio includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, chelating agents, cosmetic active ingredients and UV filters. We have production and development sites in all regions and are expanding our presence in emerging markets. Further information is available online at


About BASF

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News Release

News Release

BASF’s two new Trilon® M generations

BASF’s two new Trilon® M generations – Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced and Trilon® M Max BioBased protect the environment and climate without compromising on the high performance of the products in automatic dishwashing detergents. 

Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA

Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA are effective alternatives to surfactants containing sulfate and are very gentle on the skin and eyes 

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