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BASF Political Communications & Advocacy

Political dialogue is part of good governance at BASF

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BASF pursues a constructive dialog with its societal stakeholders to ensure and improve its license to operate and as part of its commitment to develop sustainable solutions together with partners.

This exchange allows us to respond to changes in our environment, to understand trends and to anticipate regulatory expectations and developments, in order to effectively advocate for and communicate our views.

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We commit ourselves to responsible, honest and transparent action based on our values and principles.
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Political Contributions

We do not fund political parties and sponsoring in a political context is governed by our policy.
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Responsible Lobbying

We support and promote responsible, accountable, transparent and democratic processes that benefit society at large.
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Revolving Door

BASF believes in the importance of communication between industry and politics. We are aware of the conflicts of interests around the issue of “revolving doors”.

Issues and Positions

BASF advocates across a broad range of issues which are related to our company.
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Contact & Links

How to reach us, how and where to raise compliance concerns and related links.