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In the year 2050,  around 10 billion people will live on earth. Chemistry is key in meeting the challenges this will bring. One of the leading chemical companies worldwide, BASF's response to global megatrends is crucial. And as inhouse consultants, we help shape the future of our company. Our purpose: deliver the best solutions for our clients, and develop great talent for BASF. This purpose shapes our target system - we monitor our performance in consulting excellence as well as people development to make sure we succeed in both dimensions.

With our strategic expertise and advice, we develop solutions for our internal clients. Our international teams work with top management on projects that add value not only for BASF, but help our external customers achieve their goals as well. Why? Because BASF products are used in practically every industry, everywhere. 

Our unique asset: an end-to-end perspective. Our projects are complex and strategic in nature, which means they go way beyond simple PMO support.

Via three consulting streams - Management Consulting, Operational Excellence Consulting, and Supply Chain Consulting - we deliver comprehensive solutions for our clients/colleagues across the globe.

The rising demand for innovative products and services with a lower COfootprint leads us to new concepts and ideas - both in our business solutions as well as in our processes and production plants. To this end, we advise our clients not only regarding more sustainable solutions, but also when it comes to the digitalization of business models and assets. 

Who we are? Three different consulting streams, countless opportunities.

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