Grow Together


Your opportunity to stay in touch with BASF.

Grow Together - the BASF student relationship program that supports talented students in setting up a professional network. We will provide you with a personal BASF contact who will provide you with useful contacts, while answering any queries you may have about the company or technical matters. As part of the student relationship program we will invite you to regular events and inform you about internships and thesis placements. Best of all though, we’ll contact you first about any new positions that arise at BASF, giving you a head start in finding your first full-time position at our organization.

It is not possible to apply for the Grow Together talent program as such. Rather your performance during an internship or thesis placement, research cooperation or workshop must be convincing to a BASF employee in the relevant department and they must recommend you for the European Talent Pool.

If you manage to convince us, you will become a member of the European Talent Pool and thus a participant in the Grow Together relationship program.

You have impressed us with your skills and commitment.

We will check whether your profile meets the following criteria for inclusion in the European Talent Pool.

  • Does your profile match our medium-to long term recruiting demand?
  • Does your profile meet our selection criteria regarding intercultural experiences, performance during studies & internships and extracurricular activities?

If you meet the requirements, we will include you in the European Talent Pool and therefore in the Grow Together student relationship program.

Grow Together offers effective support as you build a network to open important doors in your future career. Your appointed BASF contact and the European Talent Pool team will be happy to answer all questions relating to the company.

You will gain important experiences and receive exciting insights into BASF at workshops and events. We will regularly provide you with information about the company, offer possible internships and thesis opportunities as well as contact you first about any new positions that arise at BASF.