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Increased Demand for Renewable Energy

Whether at work, at home, for leisure or mobility: Electricity is one of the essential sources to meet our growing demand for energy.

At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions, primarily CO2, must be reduced in order to protect the climate. To reconcile these two conflicting needs, more electricity from clean, renewable sources needs to be made available.

Electric vehicle on the parking lot recharging batteries.

Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, are becoming increasingly important.

The impact of the transition toward renewable energy sources becomes more apparent when looking at the amount of energy consumption expected in 2050: Worldwide in total more than 40.000TWh should come from renewables – this means a sevenfold increase from today.

However, these energy sources are subject to fluctuations. When it is cloudy or there is no wind, only very small amounts of energy can be generated. In contrast, on sunny or windy days, more energy can be generated than is needed.

Therefore, we need solutions that can level out these fluctuations and ensure a constant and reliable power supply.

Stationary energy storage by long-duration battery systems is one of the most suitable technologies to solve this problem. They can store excess energy and discharge it later to ensure reliable power supply at all times. Sodium-sulfur batteries are one of the best systems of this type.


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