Corporate Health Management

The Corporate Health Management Department is responsible for the management of occupational health of BASF employees, the management of medical emergencies at the BASF Ludwigshafen site, and the coordination and auditing of occupational medicine in BASF group companies worldwide. Our goal is to assure that the production and use of BASF products are safe and do not pose health risks to employees, neighbors, customers and consumers worldwide. According to our company guidelines, we are committed towards people and the environment. At BASF, economic considerations do not take priority over safety and health issues and environmental protection.


Acute Medical Care

Acute Medical Care

Health Promotion

Health Promotion

International Coordination

Medical Guidelines


Stammwerk der BASF Gruppe – Ludwigshafen / Headquarters of the BASF Group – Ludwigshafen

Health Performance Index

Medical Member Area

This platform offers you, as an occupational health specialist in the BASF Group or as a Responsible Care team member, access to comprehensive information about the latest developments in Corporate Health Management Department, and activities planned for the future.  

Mission Nutrition

Our contribution to UN Global Nutrition Compact

DGAUM special prize

OM&HP department of BASF is awarded with DGAUM special prize 2016