Health Promotion


Global Health Promotion Program

BASF employees have various opportunities to maintain or improve their health through the global health promotion program. The program consists of three elements:

  • BASF Health Check (regular individual offer for our employees)
  • Global health campaign with a new prevention topic every year
  • Local health promotion offers at BASF sites

Health promotion is one of five core elements of the Health Performance Index (HPI), which BASF uses annually to measure its performance in occupational health.

BASF Health Check

Employees focus on major lifestyle diseases during the BASF Health Check:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Stress and everyday life management
  • Back health
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Smoking cessation

In addition, the Work Ability Index (WAI) established internationally by the World Health Organization is used by our employees to self-assess their ability to work.

Employees are examined by the company physician and receive a detailed analysis of their state of health. The employees discuss their personal risk factors with the company physician and jointly derive any need for action.

Global Health Campaign 2022: Good Morning - Regeneration through sleep

Regular, restful sleep is the basis for our physical and mental health. It strengthens our defenses and ensures emotional balance. Those who get too little of it are often listless and unfocused. In addition, risks are assessed more poorly and the risk of accidents increases.

That's why Corporate Health Management has chosen "Good morning - regeneration through sleep" as the motto for this year's health campaign. In addition to company offers, there are also individual offers such as lectures, questionnaires on sleep behavior and video clips.


Global health campaigns

With our annual global health campaigns, we focus on specific topics in our prevention work, thus informing and raising awareness among our employees.

Year Title
2022 Good Morning (regeneration through sleep)
2021 Recharge yourself (regeneration)
2020 Protect yourself and others (infection protection)
2019 Moment_to_moment (mindfulness)
2017 Your lungs - your life
2016 Take it to Heart
2015 Mission Nutrition
2013 Global introduction of BASF Health Checks
2012 BASF Soundcheck
2011 healthyskin@work
2010 Global Vaccination Campaign
2009 Steps to Health
2008 Smoke-free
2007 Blood pressure
2006 Staying sweet sugar-free
2005 Trim down the pounds
2003 Smoke-free