BASF Stiftung

About us

At BASF Stiftung, we support people in need to improve their situation in the long term. Within the scope of our non-profit, charitable work, we help BASF employees and others find stability in difficult situations and focus on health and skills in emergency situations.

Our basic approach is characterized by esteem, respect and appreciation toward all involved parties. The guiding principle is helping people to help themselves.

As a company foundation, our work is largely dedicated to supporting BASF employees and their families. 

The projects and services are primarily financed by the BASF Stiftung’s earnings, as well as donations and financial support from BASF SE, the German BASF Group companies and the employees.


What is important to us?

  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Dialog at eye level
  • Needs-based support
  • Reliable partnerships
  • Long-term and sustainable aid
  • Trust & appreciation

Our team is made up of 20 employees