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We provide funding

We support international projects in the field of disaster management - anticipatory, responsive and recovering: Accordingly, we support disaster prevention measures, provide emergency aid and finance post-disaster projects to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people in the long term. 


Our funding projects and disaster relief efforts around the world

Here we present some funding projects that are either still ongoing or have recently been completed.

I am proud to work for a company that realizes initiatives like the Christmas donation campaign for India. I really hope that this aid reaches the children, and that it is accepted and helps improve their lives.
Thank you for your commitment to these financial campaigns, as well as your support and organization of them.
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Eva Steininger

BASF Construction Additives GmbH, Trostberg

As a company foundation, we support BASF’s social commitment and help disadvantaged people improve their living conditions. We want to contribute to a more stable, resilient society – both regionally and globally. 

The number of catastrophic events worldwide has been increasing for years, often due to changing climatic conditions. Emergency aid is therefore becoming increasingly important. At the same time, we know that every euro invested in prevention measures saves money in an emergency, which is why measures to prepare for crises and disasters are just as important to us as emergency aid itself. Wherever we get involved, we do not want to withdraw immediately, but accompany recovering measures when the acute emergency aid has ended and the first waves of donations subside.

Thanks to our work in disaster relief we are contributing to the BASF corporate strategy, particularly with regard to sustainability and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

By donating!
We are delighted that you trust our work. We carefully select the projects and our partners and provide support throughout the entire implementation process. Our network of partners guarantees successful implementation thanks to its experts on the ground. 
The last section of the website shows how your donation can reach us.

Yes. The BASF Stiftung forwards your donation – without any deductions – to a specific project if you specified a purpose in your bank transfer. We do everything we can to ensure that your donation helps people in need.

Donations of up to 300 euros can be submitted to the tax office without a receipt (donation certificate), as the deposit slip (e.g., account statement) can be submitted as proof.

If you donate more than 300 euros, we can issue a donation certificate if you are a German resident. In this case, please write to  and provide your name, address, the date and the payment method (credit card, PayPal, bank transfer).

The donation certificate will be sent to you by the start of the year at the latest, enabling you to submit your tax return on time.

For most projects, we work together with long-standing partners. In exceptional cases, we also support other projects in the field of disaster management, provided that they fit our priorities and selection criteria.

For tax reasons, we can only support organizations that are registered for tax purposes in Germany and are charitable under German law.