November 16, 2021

Pentel and BASF partner to launch erasers made with non-phthalate plasticizer under brand alliance in the Japanese and global market

  • BASF’s non-phthalate plasticizer, Hexamoll® DINCH, complies with safety standards
  • Pentel to use Hexamoll® DINCH in PVC erasers manufactured in Japan and Taiwan
  • Pentel becomes a Hexamoll® DINCH Trusted Partner

Tokyo, Japan – November 16, 2021 – Pentel Co., Ltd. (Pentel), one of Japan’s most traditional stationery product manufacturers, and BASF Japan Ltd. (BASF), today announced that Pentel completely switched to BASF’s non-phthalate plasticizer, Hexamoll® DINCH, in the production of all erasers made of PVC (polyvinylchloride) under its “Ain” and “Hi-POLYMER” brand erasers. In conjunction with this collaboration, Pentel has become one of BASF’s Hexamoll® DINCH Trusted Partners in the Asia Pacific region. The two companies have entered a brand alliance. One of the brand activities includes ingredient branding on the eraser packaging. PVC erasers manufactured with Hexamoll® DINCH are available worldwide where Pentel operates its business.

Plasticizers are chemical additives used to give flexibility to PVC. They are vital to the manufacturing of erasers. Currently, around 80% of the plasticizers in the Japanese market are phthalate-based. Due to safety concerns, restrictions on phthalate plasticizers have been growing in recent years, especially in Europe. Pentel has, therefore, completely replaced phthalate plasticizers with Hexamoll® DINCH in its PVC erasers manufacturing plants in Japan and Taiwan. As of 2020, about 80% of the erasers produced by Pentel are made of PVC and all PVC erasers sold by Pentel in Japan stores and in overseas have been made with Hexamoll® DINCH.

“Our motto is ‘Discover the best,’ and in our manufacturing, we strive to bring out the ultimate in technology, quality, and feeling,” said Takaaki Kawasaki, General Manager of the Product Strategy Dept of Pentel. “Erasers, in particular, are our flagship products boasting top quality in erasability, fewer eraser crumbs, and break resistance. Completely switching over to BASF’s Hexamoll® DINCH plasticizer provides added value as it is more friendly to humans and the environment. We are currently selling these erasers primarily in Japan and other parts of Asia, but in the future, we also plan to dedicate even greater effort to the global market.”

BASF’s Hexamoll® DINCH is a non-phthalate plasticizer specially developed for applications involving close human contact. Since its launch in the market in 2002, BASF has invested more than seven million euros in toxicological research for Hexamoll® DINCH. The research focuses on the product’s impact on the environment and human health. Hexamoll® DINCH has been approved and certified* by many authorities and institutions worldwide. It is used as a substitute for traditional phthalates in many sensitive applications, including toys and medical devices.

“I am thrilled that, through this collaboration with Pentel, erasers made with Hexamoll® DINCH will be sold in co-branded packaging for the first time,” said Masatoshi Shoyama, head of BASF Japan’s Petrochemical Division. “Since its commercial launch, Hexamoll® DINCH has established a solid position in the plasticizer market for applications, such as food packaging, medical devices, and toys. We will continue working with our customers in Japan to supply the market with products that contribute to sustainability.”

Hexamoll® DINCH has been evaluated for its contribution in the three dimensions of sustainability – economy, environment, and society. Using the Sustainable Solution Steering** approach, Hexamoll® DINCH was categorized as an “Accelerator” that makes substantial sustainability contributions in the value chain.

*In Japan, Hexamoll® DINCH has received approval from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) for medical applications and from Japan Hygienic PVC Association (JHPA) for food contact applications.

**The approach has been externally validated by PricewaterhouseCoopers AG Germany (PwC). More than 60,000 products and solutions of BASF were evaluated and assigned to one of the four categories (Accelerator, Performer, Transitioner, Challenged) according to its contribution to sustainability.

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With a new co-branded packaging by BASF and Pentel, the two companies launch erasers made with non-phthalate plasticizer in the Japanese and global market.
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