BASF Lighting

Cool white LEDs are popular in Asia, but have a strong blue wavelength emission that may cause myopia (85% of teenager aged 18 in China already affected) and sleep disturbance by inhibition of the melatonin hormone in human circadian cycle.

BASF has developed an innovative, energy-efficient LED product that converts blue LED light into natural warm white light. In order to protect school children from long-term exposure to blue light BASF is providing these innovative LED bulbs to selected public schools in China’s less developed regions. In these schools the effect of lighting on school children will be monitored and evaluated.

At the same time education has to ensure the understanding of the impact of lighting on health. Eye-care seminars for teachers, school children’s parents and the society will create awareness and underpin the positive impact of BASF’s innovative solution on school children’s health and wellbeing.


  • Reduction of school children’s myopia by lowering the risk of long-term exposure to blue light (currently in start-up phase)
  • 50% blue light intensity reduction 
  • 5,000 students profiting
  • 2,200€ Energy saving per year and school


Sustainable Development Goals:

Green background icon with heart rate and number 3 good health and well-being
4-Quality Education
12-Responsible consumption and production
17-Partnerships for the goals