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The world needs us and we need you! 

We create chemistry for a sustainable future and we are already looking for the answers to tomorrow's questions today. Chemical innovations play a key role as they make a crucial contribution, above and beyond existing solutions and to virtually all industry sectors.

The world needs us and we need you! 


At BASF, we believe that people are the key to our long-term success and that talent is in everyone. That’s why we empower our employees with the tools, guidance and opportunities they need to advance and succeed in work and life. Giving you the support you need to be your best and fulfill your personal ambitions is what helps us create chemistry. After all, our success is linked to yours. Whatever path you envision, BASF is a great place to build a rewarding, successful career. Come create chemistry with us!


Why must you choose us?

We understand that talent is the future. For this reason, in Market Area Africa BASF provides meaningful & hands-on learning opportunities to deserving Graduates, Interns, and Students from across the continent through a variety of Early Career Development Programmes. Our programmes address current and future skills and talent needs for our business units, the company, and industry. We follow the 70:20:10 Model of Learning which is based on three types of learning which are incorporated in all our programs: Hands-on work and experience-based (70%), asking questions and interacting with fellow colleagues (20%) and formal classroom training (10%). If you are looking for a globally leading company to create a base for your career plans and aspirations, BASF is a great place to start!