Strategic Procurement Suite

The digitization of business interactions is an essential step on the way towards Industry 4.0. We want to take this step together with our suppliers. Therefore, we are now using the Strategic Procurement Suite (SPS) by SAP Ariba to handle the sourcing, supplier management and contracting process.

BASF now exclusively uses the online platform SPS by SAP Ariba for tenders. An exception is made for the following processes: civil construction (GAEB only) and transport management. In this case it is still required to participate via myFutura (see FAQ section).


For you as a supplier, the registration for SAP Ariba as well as the participation in tenders and contracting will be free of Charge.

1. Benefits for Suppliers

  • You can upload all necessary tender documents to the online platform, up to 100 MB (e.g. ZIP with multiple files).
  • You only need to maintain your master data, e.g. address changes, at the SAP Ariba platform. All changes will then be forwarded to your connected customers.
  • You see all BASF tenders which are relevant for you at one glance and can decide to take part or not
  • All tender related communication between BASF and you will be recorded in the message history
  • At any time, you can track the status of your tenders
  • SPS will be implemented all over the world, therefore all the BASF Buyers will have a full picture about all your capabilities, even in countries where you arenot delivering today
  • Furthermore, you are part of the SAP Ariba network which offers you business perspectives beyond BASF

2. Registration and Qualification Process

To participate in tenders, you first need to register for BASF in SAP Ariba. Please proceed according to the following steps:


After registration BASF can invite you to qualification processes. Within those, BASF will check your capability to deliver a product or a service into BASF sites according to BASF requirements. Please proceed according to the following steps:


Please refer to this PDF to access further information about BASF registration and qualification processes 

3. Step-by-Step Videos: Registration, Qualification, Sourcing

Supplier responds to BASF qualification questionnaires: Video tutorial

Supplier responds to BASF Sourcing Event: Video tutorial

Supplier access to Ariba platform with Ariba network account: Video tutorial

Supplier access to Ariba platform without account: Video tutorial

4. FAQ

Help regarding the Ariba network, registration, supplier hierarchy, and mapping Ariba network IDs together is explained in this document

The available BASF specific help options are explained in this document.

If you are already using an Ariba Network account for BASF, please click this link and login with your username and password. If you do not have an account yet, please ask your buyer to resend the invitation email.

Yes, you need to click on the registration link in the invitation E-Mail from SAP Ariba, log in with your existing user data and then fill out the BASF specific registration form. In case you have missed or deleted the invite with the email notification, you can access the application here.


BASF will still use MyFutura for construction services (GAEB only) and TM (transport management). For all other indirect and service purchases SAP Ariba will be used. Please check whether your MyFutura subscription is still necessary under these circumstances


Due to the international procurement organization of BASF, questionnaires are available only in English in most cases. In case there is local language available this will be shown automatically based on your browser settings. To enable BASF to evaluate your answers globally please provide your answers in English.



You can – but BASF needs the optional data to better qualify your company.

Yes, your registration is a prerequisite for other processes, e.g. supplier management and contract management, too.

No, in this case you will not receive any future tenders.

The registration and supplier management, contract management as well as the tender process are free of charge. Additional cost may occur for the order and invoice management. For further information please check the “Vendor Interaction Portal”.



At this point, we are focussing on migrating our established suppliers to SAP Ariba. Please use the form provided at to contact BASF.

As a registered supplier for the Vendor Interaction Portal, you already have an SAP Ariba account. Please follow the instructions mentioned above for suppliers with an existing SAP Ariba account.

Yes, the Vendor Interaction Portal is used only for purchase order management. If you would like to participate in BASF tenders, please register for SAP Ariba.

The Vendor Interaction Portal is used for purchase order management and currently not mandatory for BASF suppliers. SAP Ariba is used for supplier qualification and tenders. It is mandatory for BASF suppliers. Please complete the registration process followed by the qualification process.

Case 1: You are not yet invited to registration but to a tender

You will see the following pop-up: 


What to do?

  1. BASF needs to invite your supplier contact to the registration process
  2. You need to answer the registration questionnaire and submit it
  3. BASF needs to approve the registration questionnaire
  4. You can access the tender 

Case 2: You are invited to registration and to a tender

You will see the following pop-up:


What to do?

  1. You need to answer the reistration questionnaire and submit it
  2. BASF needs to approve the registration questionnaire
  3. You can access the tender 

Case 3: you are invited to complete two registration questionnaires

You will see the following pop-up: 


What to do?

  1. You need to answer a registration questionnaire and submit it
  2. BASF needs to approve the registration questionnaire
  3. After you have filled out and submitted the first registration questionnaire you will see the following pop-up: 

What to do?

  1. You need to press the "ESC" key on your keyboard which closes the pop-up message
  2. Please access the second registration questionnaire which is below the section "Status: Open" 

What to do?

1. You need to answer the second registration questionnaire and submit it

2. BASF needs to approve the registration questionnaire

3. You can access the tender 

Case 4: You are invited to registration, but registration questionnaire is closed

 You will see the following pop-up: 


What to do?

1. When you click on "Complete registration" you will notice that the questionnaire is in status "Closed" (top right corner)

2. You need to contact the buyer and ask them to re-open the questionnaire

3. You can find the information about the buyer who invited you behind the link of "Owner" on the questionnaire site: 


4. After questionnaire was re-opened you need to answer the registration questionnaire and submit it

5. BASF needs to approve the registration questionnaire

6. You can access the tender 

For more information regarding SAP Ariba please visit the Ariba homepage.

For more information about the BASF processes and supplier training material, please refer to the following tutorials.


Supplier Tutorial - Participation in Events

Supplier Tutorial - Responding to RfPs


Ariba offers several different solutions. In case you cannot find above events, you might be on the landing page for another solution. You can switch to the solution for sourcing, registration and qualification here:



In general, each round requires your re-acceptance of the tender you verified already. This is an essential step to safeguard your participation in this sourcing event. This step is also valid for cases where BASF is adding additional information to the tender in a new round (e.g. attachments or new items). Your acceptance of the added details is given by clicking to participate again.


The invitation emails are send to the email address(es) which are in your account. In case there is nothing to find, please check the spam folder of your email account. To ensure in future emails coming from SPS Ariba in your inbox, please allow for the following domains to your inbox: