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Construction solutions

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Structural durability. Reduced energy consumption. Shrinking labor force. These are just a few of the demands facing the construction industry.

Jobs must be performed quickly, economically, and with durability in mind - all to meet the needs of the 9 billion people that will be on our planet by 2050. Whether residential or commercial construction, roads, or bridges, there is no structure untouched by these demographic and market demands.

At BASF, we combine market insight, technical expertise, and a full formulation mindset to drive innovation that meets the construction industry’s needs. With an extensive portfolio of water-based acrylic and styrene butadiene latex polymers, formulation additives, and performance additives, we provide a full formulation approach for high-performance building materials, durable construction coatings, and long-lasting infrastructure.

The desire for speed, strength, and ease of use drives our innovation and product development. Let us help you design the solution to your building industry challenge.


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Industry Insights

Air Barriers.jpg

Air barrier market shifts in light of new building codes, trends


Fluid-applied air barriers combine resiliency with flexibility to help builders meet codes and environmental standards.

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Roofers want greener, safer asphalt shingles


A study shows roofers are becoming more interested in recyclable and formaldehyde-free asphalt shingles

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infrastructure bridge.jpg

Extending the lifespan of bridge decks with an SBR latex


How latex modified concrete made with STYROFAN® 1186 helps bridges last longer and saves millions of dollars in repair costs.

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With traffic paints, there’s a time and place for crosslinking


Traffic paints must stay stable until it’s time to dry — very, very quickly. Here’s how they do it.

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CHASE FIELD 3-11 A 009.jpg

Raising the roof (coating standards)


An updated ASTM specification for roof coatings paves the way for more product innovation in the industry.

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Customer spotlight: Trusted waterproofing technologies powered by high-performance polymers


A partnership between GMX and BASF produces a line of asphalt-based waterproofing systems that strengthens and protects buildings.

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