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Dispersions & Resins, North America

Furniture and wood coatings

Polymers and additives for wood coatings with a focus on resistance and durability

The interior furniture and flooring wood market is very diverse. It encompasses furniture segments such as assembled contemporary furniture, cabinets and self-assembled flat stock furniture for home or office as well as antique furniture.

The flooring segment includes engineered and solid wood, ranging from "factory-applied" industrial to "on-site" professional and DIY flooring. Depending on the final application, different coating properties are in focus. 

The Dispersions & Resins division of BASF has a broad portfolio of raw materials for the furniture and wood industry. Together we can formulate high quality, long lasting wood coatings for your customers. 

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“Flat Stock” or “Flat Pack” are broad terms that cover many wood product application areas. Generally these terms refer to pre-finished products ready for installation or assembly. The manufacturing process of these types of finished products require a complete range of raw materials for resins and additives. 


Doors, Windows & Millwork 

Millwork, including windows and doors, is often subject to the most demanding environments separating interior from exterior and exposed to the movement of everyday life. Performance 1K/2K and UV curable materials make up the protection for coatings. 



Whether wood, vinyl, concrete, or tile, our dispersions cover the range of flooring applications. Acrylic and urethane dispersions are available in 1k and 2K functionality for professional and DIY floor coatings. For pre-finished or OEM flooring products, both water-based and 100% solid UV curable materials are available.



Hardboard, HDF, and MDF are engineered wood composites often used in furniture and building materials. Required with their use are fillers and primers that prepare their surfaces for interior or exterior decorative paints. Water-based acrylic resins suit the needs for blocking, adhesion, and weatherability needed in this application.



Another term used by many to generally describe wood composite boards used for building construction, cabinets & closets, furniture, and architectural use. With the wide array of uses, plywood needs a wide array of coating materials to meet many needs. From barrier coatings to clear topcoats, you can find the right technology.



Often times overlooked, overlays provide a smooth quality surface to economical substrates. With building trends moving toward sustainable building practices, wood composite products with overlays may be chosen for a painted look. Water-based acrylic primers are popular for surface preparation.


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