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Architectural Coatings

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United States
Architectural Coatings

Our Can of Paint Approach

At BASF, we continue to work to make coatings better for our customers through our Can of Paint approach. This means innovating to meet customer needs and providing impactful ideas to the market through our holistic approach to formulation. The outstanding technical experience of our team and our broad product portfolio enables us to offer solutions to address a wide variety of needs and applications.

Product categories:

  • Latex polymers for every segment and desired performance.
  • Formulation and performance additives to fine-tune your formulation.
  • TiO2 extenders, like AQAcell® and kaolin, to reduce the amount of TiO2 needed without sacrificing opacity.

Exterior Applications

Performance that withstands the elements.


Interior Applications

Balancing aesthetics and durability for everyday life.


Primer & Specialty Applications

Effective in every layer and application.


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Industry Insights


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Formulation and Performance Additives

Looking for innovative solutions for your paints and coatings?

Kaolin for Architectural Coatings


Great color performance that never goes out of style

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