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Architectural Coatings

Interior architectural coatings

Interior paint options have to be as diverse as the customers that purchase them, but certain performance attributes must always be present in the formulations. Durability, hide, stain resistance and low VOCs are integral functionalities in every interior paint formulation. Whether a homeowner is painting their living room for the first time, or a contractor is painting an office interior, they want their coating to last a long time and take on anything life throws at it.




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Down and dirty with durability: Defining a durable architectural coating

Customers want a “tough” architectural coating, but what exactly does that mean?

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Painting walls of an empty room. Renovation house.

Study: What do DIY Consumers want from the paint application experience?

Discussed: Researching, quantifying, and modeling DIY architectural paint application and appearance. 

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The new superstars in environmentally-friendly coatings formulations

Formulators are exploring the science of permanent coalescents, while keeping one eye on performance.


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