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Primer & Specialties

Primers: Performance at every layer

Primer paints play an integral role in the painting process due to the performance attributes they bring to the coating system. These attributes include: 

  • Adhesion
  • Stain blocking
  • Tannin blocking (in wood applications)

To meet end-user needs, primers need to balance performance and economy to acheive a nice white, primed surface without breaking the bank. 

Speciality applications

With our broad portfolio and technical expertise, we offer formulation solutions for the niche markets within the architectural coatings industry.


Check out our brochures and value cards to assist you in making your raw material selections. Need a place to start? We have starting point formulations for your ease.

Product Quick Reference

Application Spotlight: Waterproofing

The home restoration market is calling for high performance waterproofing solutions to address the challenges with more frequent water-related damage. Acronal 4160 is an aqueous styrene-acrylic copolymer dispersion for creating versatile waterproofing membranes that resist standing water, withstand negative-side hydrostatic pressure, and prevent water intrusion. Formulations using Acronal 4160 will provide exceptional waterproofing performance for interior and exterior coating applications.

Formulation and Performance Additives

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