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Industrial coatings

Polymers and additives for industrial coatings

Chemistry is an important component in high performance coatings. BASF has many technological advantages to produce the next generation of materials. Our efforts are driven by demographic challenges and societal trends found in the market. By addressing these demands through new innovations, BASF continues to propel the industrial coatings market forward, making coatings more durable, more functional and safer to produce. 

BASF development is based on customer-identified market needs. Current focus trends include:

  • Durability and protection
  • Efficiency, weight and energy
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Design and functionality 

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Application spotlight

Powder coatings

Did you know? We offer resins and additives for powder coating applications. 

Industrial Coatings
Application spotlight

Water-based single component high gloss acrylic for direct-to-metal & topcoat applications

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