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Printing, Packaging and Adhesives
United States
Printing, Packaging and Adhesives

Printing, packaging & adhesives

We advance our customers’ formulations with our passion for chemistry

We help you bring printing solutions to the packaging industry that are differentiated, innovative and sustainable. Our broad product portfolio of dispersions, eco-friendly resins, pigments and additives allow your customers to achieve high quality printing results.

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Pressure sensitive adhesives.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging

Quality you can see, properties you can rely on.

Functional packaging

Functional, yet versatile. 

Paper & paperboard

Economical, yet versatile.

Sustainable packaging

Packaging that leaves nothing behind.

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Simon Says: Ensuring supply to essential industries

BASF's printing and packaging team is working hard to provide essential service to manufacturers of food, medical supplies and personal care items while keeping staff, families and customers safe and healthy.


Is your adhesive compostable? The proof is in the packaging.

Formulate compostable adhesives to help your flexible packaging meet certification standards.

Yellow and white truck in motion blur on the highway

Simon Says: Just ship it!

“Just Ship It!” is what I like to envision them yelling as they slapped the label on the box; the beginning of the package’s journey to my door.


Q&A: Add more bio-renewable content to your corrugated ink formulations 

Two packaging experts chat about sustainability and share ways to formulate inks with more bio-renewable content.


Create the recyclable paper cup this generation needs

A water-based polymer makes it possible to create recyclable paper cups with the performance you expect in food service.


Simon Says: Sustainability takes commitment

Sustainability takes commitment and it takes collaboration. As we move forward with our current and future offerings, we’ll continue to partner along the value chain to enable everyone to deliver on their lofty sustainable packaging targets.

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