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Functional packaging

Functional, yet versatile

Whether it is food packaging, flexible packaging, corrugated board, paper or paperboard, labels, newspaper, magazines or catalogs, BASF creates chemistry to provide you and your customers with high quality raw materials for the printing and packaging industry. BASF has enhanced the breadth and depth of our expertise and technology by bringing together a winning team of knowledgeable people, innovative technologies and quality products. We offer high performance materials that meet your superior performance demands and a high level of technical support to help you develop best-in-class products for your customers.

Functional packaging

Our Functional Packaging line includes resin solutions, emulsions, dispersions and additives for barrier coatings, heat seal adhesives, pre- and post-metallization coatings and print primers. The Functional Packaging portfolio includes materials that can be formulated for many applications and performance attributes such as grease and water resistance, ink adhesion, heat seal lidding, direct food contact, low migration inks and OPV, high gloss, printability, low VOC and low odor.

Energy cure

BASF offers a broad portfolio of high performance, high quality oligomers, and reactive diluents for a wide variety of energy cure inks, overprint varnishes and coatings for UV/EB curing. Laromer® oligomers determine the main properties, such as flexibility, adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance, etc., of an ink or coating. Laromer® reactive diluents are primarily used to achieve viscosities suitable for specific applications and, with careful selection, will maintain the key properties of the formulation.

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Functional packaging coatings

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