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Acrodur Formaldehyde-free Acrylic Binders

Acrodur products are high-performance water-based binders for natural, synthetic and glass fiber nonwovens and replace traditional formaldehyde-containing or solvent-based resins such as melamine, urea and phenol formaldehyde to enable safe, simple and ecological handling. Acrodur technology allows manufacturers to supply low-VOC emitting products, supports indoor air quality (IAQ), and helps reduce plant emissions. The only byproduct of curing is water.

Acrodur acrylic binders offer excellent strength, flexibility and versatility for industrial nonwoven applications, helping to produce environmentally advanced products with optimal quality and performance.

Elevate Your Nonwoven Performance

Key Features & Benefits

  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Very low VOCs
  • Water-based acrylic technology
  • B-stage curing compatible
  • Outstanding wet and dry strength
  • Excellent adhesive and strengthening properties
  • Simple and versatile processing options
  • Helps to reduce plant emissions
  • Supports indoor air quality (IAQ)


Products Polymer Type Solids (wt. %)  pH Tg Viscosity (cps)  Crosslinkability
Acrodur 950L Acrylic Solution 50 3.5 - 900-2500 Thermoset
Acrodur DS 3530 Acrylic Solution 50 3.5
- 150-300 Thermoset
Acrodur DS 3515 Styrene-acrylic Dispersion 50 3.5
90 300-800 Thermoset
Acrodur DS 3558 Styrene-acrylic Dispersion 50 3.5
25 300-800 Thermoset
Acrodur Power 4444  Styrene-acrylic Dispersion 49 3.5
97 50-300 Thermoplas