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Joncryl HPD

Joncryl HPD series of high performance dispersion resins and resin solutions offer excellent color development, ink stability, processing efficiencies, and improved cost-in-use.


The quest for improved tonal reproduction has placed an increased demand on the color strength of inks. The changing landscape of printing technology is pushing the limits of high quality imaging, leading to higher line screens and lower volume anilox rolls. The use of inks formulated with Joncryl HPD (High Performance Dispersion) resins and resin solutions provide strong, high performance, viscosity-stable inks that meet the needs of high quality imaging. Using Joncryl HPD resins and resin solutions in the manufacture of color concentrates provides the ideal combination of increased color strength with excellent flow properties, while maintaining good shock and storage stability. These key features, balanced with excellent pigment wetting and milling characteristics, provide a potential lower cost-in-use.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Enables lower viscosity, higher pigment load dispersions
  • Improves both dispersion and ink viscosity stability
  • Improves shock stability to enable use of the dispersions inautomated dispensers
  • Improves milling efficiency
  • Enables the ink manufacturer to more effectively producehigh strength, viscosity-stable inks
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