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Broad technology product portfolio

We continue to innovate, so you continue to succeed. Innovation is a core value at BASF and we collaborate with our customers to deliver quality materials. The coatings industry is a dynamic market with increasing amounts of regulations and strong consumer demands. We continue to invest in research and development, and new technologies to provide solutions to industry challenges.

Our innovation-focused approach has resulted in an extensive product portfolio that has the breadth and depth of technology to to provide your business with a competitive advantage and a sustainable future. 

Formulation Additives

Formulation Additives Solution Finder

BASF is a premiere provider of formulation additives for the furniture and floor coatings industry. With a full offering of respected brands and a variety of technologies - dispersing agents, wetting agents, defoamers, rheology modifiers and film-forming agents - our unique portfolio helps optimize coatings to meet performance demands and environmental regulations. 


Pigments Portfolio

BASF offers a wide range of powerful pigments you need. They not only offer a color space that matches your requirements – they also deliver chromaticity and tinting strength, stability, and resistance across the board.

With our Sustainable Solution Steering method, our pigments have furthermore been systematically evaluated under sustainability criteria. This allows us to assess the sustainability performance of each of our products in its specific application. We create chemistry that makes performance love sustainable solutions.