Qui sommes-nous?

Production Verbund

The Production Verbund is BASF’s traditional core competency and starting point for multiple value chains, from basic chemicals right through to consumer products and system solutions. Operational excellence drives our profitability, enabling us to reduce raw material and energy use and cut costs with our closely interlinked production system.

BASF’s Verbund structures and high-efficiency power plants not only reduce production costs, they spare the environment too. The Verbund offers ways to reduce emissions and waste and conserve resources. Transport distances are minimized. On a global scale, BASF realizes annual savings of more than €1 billion through its Verbund concept. Hence, the Verbund is not just a major economic asset but generates ecological benefits at the same time.

  • Our production activities are more cost-effective, safer and environmentally compatible
  • We save energy through efficient processes
  • We reduce transport impact

The BASF Verbund is a one-source system, helping us to control production, respond flexibly and act independently. Effective networks facilitate rapid, overarching decision-making.


1  Logistics Verbund   60
2  Energy Verbund   30
3  Infrastructure Verbund   10
Chart: Verbund