Julian Prade

I am a Political Scientist by background. I did my Bachelor's degree in Political Science at the University of Mannheim and at Bilgi University in Istanbul (Turkey). Afterwards, I went to the TU Darmstadt and Virginia Tech (USA) for my Master's studies.

Why did you decide to apply for a communications traineeship at BASF?

Because I am convinced that this traineeship will prepare me in the best possible way for my future tasks in corporate communications. And because I am passionate about BASF, a company I already got to know as a working student. 
06197_2020 F 103 Besucherzentrum. Porträts von Luisa Bechloff und Julian Prade

Is there a historical event you wish you could have participated in?

The 1985 Live Aid concert at London's Wembley Stadium, preferably with my best friends.

What is your favorite product at BASF and why?

The plastic ecovio®, which can be used to, for example make organic garbage bags and packaging. ecovio® is based on renewable raw materials and is completely biodegredable. BASF is thus making an important contribution to sustainably reducing plastic waste.

What is your favorite exhibit in the BASF Visitor Center?

Definitely the digital exhibit on the fifth floor! Because it shows me again and again that digital transformation doesn't stop at a chemical company like BASF. And because it makes me curious about what the digital BASF of the future will look like. For one thing is clear: digitalization is an opportunity that we must seize - whether in production, logistics or research.

How and where did you first experience BASF?

In elementary school. A friend's father worked at BASF at the time and organized a trip to the school lab for us. Did I understand back then what BASF actually does? Of course not! Was it still impressive? Absolutely!

What is your favorite medium?

For a few years now, the podcast, because depending on my mood and the time, I can choose between short news podcasts, longer documentaries or funny comedy - preferably in the car or while doing sports.