Kim Jennifer Spaeth

I am a communicator by background with a clear focus on journalism, PR and management. I studied cross-media editing and public relations at the Stuttgart Media University and then did my master's in management at Lancaster University in England.

Why did you decide to apply for a communications traineeship at BASF?

The traineeship offers the unique opportunity to get to know an incredible number of colleagues, tasks and areas of the world's largest chemical company in a short period of time. It's an opportunity that is certainly unique in professional life - and, from my point of view, provides an ideal start to a career in public relations and communications.

Chemistry is ...

Everything and everywhere. The thing that holds us together. And therefore crucial to making our future more sustainable in almost all areas. That's what makes working in the chemical industry so exciting for me.


What is your favorite product at BASF and why?

I find the trinamiX NIR spectroscopy solutions fascinating because they make information hidden from our eyes visible. The portable lab could help everyone make informed, healthy and sustainable life choices in everyday life. For example, whether the pre-made meal in front of me contains the nutrients I need, or how best to recycle a particular material.

If you had to describe your BASF colleagues in one word, what would it be?

It's difficult to settle on just one word, but I would say: enthusiastic. I find it impressive how committed, helpful and open to new things BASF colleagues are. Each and every one is an expert in a field and contributes to the success of the big picture through good teamwork, great commitment and passion. 

What is your favorite medium?

At the moment, the podcast - hardly any other medium is capable of conveying so many emotions and information while at the same time appealing to the listener's imagination. There is a powerful authenticity in the spoken word for me, and I would imagine that the world of audio-only media is just getting started. 

If you had a choice, which BASF site would you like to spend some time working at later in life?

I'm driven to learn about new cultures, perspectives and ways of working and thus broaden my own horizons. I would therefore jump at the chance to work at one of BASF's global sites. I would love to support the ComCommunity in the Asia/Pacific region, for example in China or the Philippines - not only because of the great food, the nice people and the warm weather, but also because I think I could learn a lot from the way my colleagues think.