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The Ballerup production site is part of BASF A/S covering administration, logistics, R & D for the production of dry powder for vitamins and PUFA's (polyunsaturated fatty acids).

The production site in Ballerup was founded in 1920 and has over the years through constant innovations created a process of manufacture, which is unique. The Ballerup manufacturing site is specialized in microencapsulated formulations mainly for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries of vitamins A, E, D, K, B, carotenoids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, aromatics and dyes. Our production site complies with the food regulations. At regular intervals the site is inspected by the public food inspectors and the last four inspection reports are available at


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Malmparken 5, DK-2750 Ballerup


+45 44 73 01 00

+45 44 73 01 01

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