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Discover a company history which shows how chemistry enables new ideas and solutions. For more than 150 years – from 1865 until today.

Responsibility, solutions, global presence and joint success – these topics are like a red thread through BASF history. Milestones of these thematic development lines as well as a chronological account wait to be explored by you.

BASF Corporate History

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130 Years of BASF in China

At the end of 1885, 20 years after founding Badische Anilin- & Sodafabrik, a director by the name of Theodor Sproesser traveled to China. His job was to convince the Chinese of the benefits offered by our dyes. At the time, this was a very risky but ultimately successful endeavor. Almost everything has changed in China since then. BASF now achieves sales of around 5.5 billion euros and operates state-of-the-art factories in the People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are the largest foreign investor in chemistry and cooperate closely with our local partners, especially Sinopec.

BASF History in Figures

Besides BASF’s opening balance sheet from 1865, you will find available annual reports of the company here. They reflect numerically how BASF developed from its foundation until today.

The Aniline Women

In 1890, BASF hires the first nurses to provide medical care for its employees. In 1918, the first female chemist is employed in the ammonia laboratory. The first female authorized officer is appointed in 1964 and Margret Suckale is the first woman to be appointed to BASF's Board of Executive Directors in 2011. Therefore, the history of women at BASF is almost as long as the history of the company itself. The booklet "The Aniline Women" focusses on the history of women at BASF. It provides insights into the living and working condition of women since the 19th century until today. In addition, it portrays selected personalities who have coined the image of BASF as well as the image of women at BASF.