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Perks and Benefits at BASF Management Consulting

BASF Inhouse Consulting is different from so many consultancies because we are a cost center, not a profit center. Our ambition is to provide excellent consulting services to our internal clients, and to cover our costs. Because we usually have more demand from our clients than we can satisfy, our consultants can concentrate on creating value through content, not selling.

At BASF Management Consulting, we focus on complex projects of strategic nature. We never serve only the PMO part of projects - because we are convinced that we can add so much more value to BASF by bringing in our expertise in strategy consulting. If you're interested in the bigger picture and are a skilled strategy consultant as well, you will enjoy working with us.

We receive top management attention and recognition as our work impacts the core of our company's business. Our projects for BASF cover a very large range of topics. You will help shape the future of our company and get deep insights into the chemical industry. And in contrast to many external consultig firms, you get to experience your individual impact as you see project results being implemented. 

Experience end-to-end consulting services via our three consulting streams. In contrast to many external consultancies, we get to see the whole scope of a project. Plus: We work in interdisciplinary teams, and promise that the cross-functional collaboration will widen your horizon.

We are by far the biggest provider for management consulting services in BASF group - and we receive excellent recommendation scores from our clients. The results of our regular client surveys demonstrate time and again that we perform on par or even above external top-tier consultancies. 

In each project, you will communicate directly with BASF's top management as well as other project stakeholders. Your visibility plus a wide range of top-priority strategic projects will help you build a strong network within BASF and pave the way for a career in our company.

Part of our mission is to be a talent accelerator for BASF. We will help you advance personally and professionally via

  • Individual development plan
  • Mindful project selection
  • Comprehensive training curriculum 
  • Learning offers tailored to your needs
  • Promotions within our Inhouse Consulting unit
  • Active placement for onward move within BASF

How do we know that we make a real difference in the development of our consultants' professional skillset? By asking our alumni to rate their time at BASF Management Consulting. The findings of our most recent survey: alumni rated their experience with us as a valuable step in their career development - by giving us an average 8.3 recommendation score (on a scale from 1 to 10). 

Work-life-balance is important, but often rare for classic external strategy consultants as business trips and customer demands consume a lot of time and energy. At BASF Inhouse Consulting, you will travel less and have more time for the people and activities that matter in your life. Our flexible work arrangements and hybrid work standard enable you to balance your professional ambitions and your private goals.

Whether you are looking for family care offers, stock options, sports and wellbeing programs or international career opportunities - check out this special periodical table and find out about BASF'S many perks and benefits

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