Visitor pre-registration

Practice shows that it leaves a positive impression on customers and visitors if they are already expected at a company.

  • Authorized persons can fill in all the necessary mandatory fields after you have registered, which enables a smooth registration process at the reception points.


  • Your visitor will receive a personal invitation by e-mail with further information on how to get there, how to register at the visitor reception, security and where to stay at the site. To do this, enter his or her e-mail address in the appropriate field.
  • Please note that a special visitor parking space is available for guests who are registered at the North J660 reception point. This car park can only be accessed with a QR code, which is generated when your visitor successfully registers. This QR code will be transmitted together with the registration email. The visitor parking lot is located opposite the North Reception Point and is marked with the inscription "only for BASF visitors".
  • In order to keep car traffic on the site as low as possible, it is generally not permitted to drive onto the site. However, if in exceptional cases (e.g. due to the transport of tools or bulky items) an entry permit is required, please note this in the "Notes" field of the visitor pre-registration.
  • Our Standort Shuttle takes your guest safely and comfortably from your chosen visitor reception to the host's building at the plant and back again. The Ludwigshafen Site Shuttle is an app-based mobility service for BASF visitors. Simply install the app, book a ride and get to your internal plant destination quickly and safely. The app can be downloaded via smartphone from the Google Play and Apple AppStore. The shuttles are free of charge and can be booked from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. Your guests will also be explicitly informed about this service and the download options in the visitor pre-registration.
  • Individual items carried (e.g. laptops) will be recorded by the staff of the reception points at the time of registration. 

  • In principle, however, only items that are absolutely necessary for carrying out work on the work on the factory are to be carried. Please use the list of materials and tools for this purpose.

  • Private visits are generally not permitted. For visits on the occasion of anniversaries or retirements, special rules apply.

  • In the case of long-term work at the site (> 5 working days) or before work on construction and assembly sites, it is mandatory to apply for a permanent permit. For more information, see  ONBOARDING

  • All external dispatchers are allowed to register visitors for their on-site companies as part of their function. You can find all the necessary information in the process description "Management of employees" under the item "Visitor pre-registration".

  • To use the visitor multi-registration, you need the file Multi_Besucherregistrierung_Vorlage


For more information, please refer to the process description below.