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Biology opens up perspectives


Embark on research as a biologist in the world’s leading chemical company.

Committed and competent biologists always have perspectives at BASF. Future-oriented technologies such as plant biotechnology, biocatalysis or new processes to efficiently use resources and energy generate a variety of highly interesting projects. Together with colleagues from other departments and important cooperation partners, you will work on scientific questions and their realization into marketable products. This process goes hand-in-hand with your own initiative and responsibility – because only so can we develop the innovations of the future together.

Biologists with a PhD will find extremely attractive career possibilities in BASF’s research community. There are various options for entering research: either the classic route by direct entry as a lab manager in one of the research platforms specializing in biology - Bioscience Research or the Crop Protection division - or for a limited period of time as a post-doc. Apply to one of our job postings or send us your unsolicited application.

You are a biologist focusing on molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, toxicology, plant biology or bio-information technology, and have successfully completed your PhD with above-average grades. You are open to new things and enjoy tackling scientific and technical questions that you approach purposefully and solve using creative ideas. Working in an interdisciplinary environment is one of your strengths and you know how to lead a team to achieve the best results. You can communicate self-confidently and convincingly in English and you see business travel as an opportunity to further develop your linguistic and intercultural skills.

Typically you will start in one of the global research units Bioscience Research or Crop Protection

In Bioscience Research we seek new ways of increasing agricultural productivity and meeting the need for healthy food using biotechnological methods as well as research in new crop protection products, making sure our solutions meet the highest standards in human and environmental safety. Biologists here also work in the areas of industrial biotechnology, (eco)toxicology and bioinformatics

Biologists from various disciplines work in Crop Protection both on scientific issues relating to crop protection and on product safety and registration.

You can expect demanding tasks in research and product development with a high level of personal responsibility. From the very start you will work on a specific research project.

Your tasks will include project management and registering patents. An essential part of your work will be intensive collaboration with internal partners from research and development, marketing and production.

You will receive on-the-job training in a committed, competent team.

In addition to the classic work area as a lab manager, there is a range of other potential positions for biologists within BASF - for example in toxicology, eco-toxicology, product safety, environmental monitoring or patents. You could also develop into the areas of knowledge management, sales, marketing, technology and innovation scouting, communications and HR. A scientific career as a specialist expert is also possible.