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Leather Chemicals

BASF Leather Chemicals has become part of the Stahl Group as of September 30, 2017.
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valure™ - Technology for unique surface  

Fashion trends are having shorter life cycles. Requirements for individualization, a high degree of design flexibility, brand protection and appealing surface touch are gaining popularity. This results in the need for manufacturing and finishing options that offer maximum flexibility. The answer is valureTM.

valureTM, BASF’s innovative transfer coating technology, allows virtually unlimited design freedom through the use of a laser-engraved mold with design opportunities ranging from perfect interpretations of natural surfaces to innovative presentations of technical textures and designers’ own creations combined with unique soft touch effects and the possibility of color matching. Our technology also supports brand protection as small, almost invisible logo features can be built into the design to address counterfeit challenges.

The coating can be applied onto various substrates, be it plastics, textiles, leather and even bonded leather fiber, thus creating the same touch, design, color and feel on all different materials. Being a batch-to-batch process, it is highly recommended for limited editions or customized designs and creates exciting possibilities for brand owners and designers.

The transfer coating process uses water-based dispersions and is designed to create a micro-porous membrane on the carrier material, which is breathable, hence making it particularly comfortable for functional footwear like outdoor and safety shoes.



For more than forty years, BASF has been developing, producing, and selling the tailor-made high-performance footwear materials Elastopan® and Elastollan® for all types of shoes and soles. Our latest innovation Infinergy™, the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), combines the properties of TPU with the advantages of foams and makes running shoes comfortable to wear and delivers excellent running properties.

With our portfolio of polyurethane systems, thermoplastic polyurethanes and engineering thermoplastics, we offer leading companies in the footwear industry a unique and integrated toolbox of solutions.

Footwear manufacturers and in particular shoe designers are turning to plastics as their performance material of choice because they combine aesthetics, stability and a wide spectrum of design possibilities. We support our customers with chemistry-driven innovations, coming from world-scale production plants, compounding facilities, regional technicaldevelopment centers; as well as with our competence in application engineering.



Tailoring fabrics to your imagination

BASF has been the preferred partner from fiber to fashion as well as industrial solutions for many decades, with a long established history dating back more than a century. Our expertise covers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions ranging from plant based raw materials, monomers and additives for the production of synthetic fibers, to the coating chemicals required to enhance the value of end products.

Through our commitment to the sustainable development of the fiber industry focusing on better protection of the environment, efficient use of resources and improved consumer protection, we recognize our responsibility to our environment and the people that depend on it. As a reliable partner, we will continue to offer new solutions for the industry that help to contribute to safer textiles and a better future.