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Dispersions, Resins and Additives


FOAMASTER®, FOAMSTAR® and EFKA® defoamers for water-based, solvent-based, and solvent-free formulations

Formulators rely on BASF defoamer technologies to meet the most demanding standards of excellence – such as those in automotive coatings. Our lineup ranges from products based on mineral oils or native oils, specialty-emulsions and organosilicone-based solutions to silicone-free and star-polymer defoamers.

One of the outstanding innovations in the BASF defoamer portfolio is our award-winning FOAMSTAR® technology. It is based on a hyper-branched polymer with a 3-dimensional star-shaped structure, containing hydrophilic as well as hydrophobic elements. Unlike conventional mineral-oil and silicone defoamers, our FOAMSTAR® technology breaks down foam on a molecular level. It acts as a unique surfactant interacting with the foam-related surfactants and destabilizes the foam bubbles. When combined with conventional defoamer types, it accelerates bubble-break times and boosts efficiency.


Key features and benefits

  • Effective foam suppression and micro-foam removal during production and application
  • Award-winning innovative technology
  • Cost savings through shorter production processes
  • Prevention of surface defects like craters, fisheyes, pinholes and weak points in the dried paint
  • Regulatory compliance, low-VOC, renewable
  • Low odor
  • Food-contact approval