United States
Dispersions & Resins


Water-based colorants for in-plant tinting.

Aurasperse® and Aurasperse II pigment dispersions enable customers to realize the full benefits of high-quality organic and inorganic colorants in water-based and/or emulsion systems. With high pigment content, they are ideally suited for in-plant tinting operations. For eco-friendly applications, Aurasperse II pigment dispersions are formulated free of binding agents, APEOs, and solvents. 

  • High performance characteristics – good flowability, pumpability and stability against sedimentation
  • Can be intermixed in both water-based and emulsion systems
  • Strong batch-to-batch consistency with tint strength tolerance of +/- 3% versus master standards
  • Supports a variety of architectural and industrial coatings applications

Recommended Applications

Aurasperse and Aurasperse II are specifically formulated for interior and exterior architectural coatings.