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Conductivity aids

Conductivity aids for water-based and solvent based formaulations

The control of charge in a liquid or solid form coating may be an important factor for some applications.  Examples include control of charge in an electrostatic spray applied liquid coating or dissipation of charge in a floor in an electronics assembly area.  In these situations, conductivity is a matter of quality and safety.

BASF offers conductivity aids in liquid can serve to modify the conductivity of a coating while in its liquid form or, at higher levels, in its solid cured form. Conductivity aids in solid form are also available for use where conductivity is of primary importance in high solids, highly filled cured coatings.  

Our conductivity aids are flexible in applications with varying degrees of polarity.  Some also offer the aspect of low VOC.  Unlike other forms of conductivity aids, our products are highly compatible with a variety of systems, essentially having little to no impact on the color of a coating.  This offers formulators the opportunity to choose an aesthetic of choice when it comes to the color of their conductive coatings.  BASF conductivity aids provide formulators with flexible options for their application systems.


Key features and benefits

  • Provide antistatic properties to a wide range of coating formulations
  • Long term persistency where maintenance of electric resistivity is required
  • Varied cations and anions for adjustment of properties
  • Free coating color design