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Dispersions, Resins and Additives

Filtration aids and sorbents

ATTASORB®, Micro-Sorb and PHARMASORB® attapulgite-based sorbents and filtration aids

BASF offers attapulgite-based sorbents and filtration aids for use in a variety of applications ranging from pharmaceutical, personal care, and cosmetic to industrial-grade absorbents more suitable for applications like oil filtration and as agricultural carriers. These come in the form of coarse gel, fine gel and granular materials that meet the increasing demand for attapulgite. Attapulgite is a naturally mined needle-like clay mineral composed of magnesium aluminum silicate. The mineral takes its name from the town of Attapulgus, Georgia, which is the region where the material is mined.

Our attapulgite products can help our customers reduce formulation complexity and improve efficiency. It offers very good colloidal properties, such as rheology modification and particle suspension. Granular products offer high temperature endurance, salt and alkali resistance, as well as high adsorbing and de-coloring capabilities.


Key features and benefits

  • Reduce formulation complexity
  • Improve efficiency
  • High temperature endurance
  • Salt and alkali resistance
  • High adsorbing and de-coloring capabilities