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Joncryl 633

Joncryl® 633 is a hard acrylic emulsion that enables the formulation of water-based inks that look cleaner and brighter on brown kraft, mottled white and other non-coated paper and paperboard substrates. Joncryl 633 allows for better quality graphics on press, multiple colors with minimal trapping, and high ink transfer, as well as good water and rub resistance. Joncryl 633 can also be used to reduce the amount of TiO2needed in white inks due to its high opacity.


  • High opacity
  • Good resolubility
  • Good water and rub resistance
  • Low VOC / glycol ether free /HAP solvent free
  • Compatible with most printing and packaging polymers and additives


  • Binders for high strength, high pigment loading, high transfer water-based flexo and gravure inks
  • Clean colors on off-white or corrugated board and paper bags
  • High opacity can allow for the reduction of TiO2 in white inks and coatings
The opacity of inks made with Joncryl 633 depends on maintaining the spacing between the hard polymer particles. Blending with other emulsions, resin solutions, or coalescing resins may have a negative impact on opacity.

With its excellent high opacity, good resolubility, and water and rub resistance, Joncryl 633 is versatile to use in flexographic and gravure high-strength inks on a variety of paper substrates.

Industries & Applications

Joncryl 633 Value Card

Opaque emulsion that produces clean, brightly colored inks on paper and board substrates

Sustainability Benefits

  • No costs for solvent abatement or explosion-proof systems
  • Very low VOC alternative to ink vehicles requiring slow evaporating, volatile amines and co-solvents to attain pH stability
  • Addresses today’s environmental challenges while enhancing performance and cost efficiency