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Dispersions, Resins and Additives

JONCRYL® BRC bio-renewable content

The budding need for bio-based content for inks and coatings. BASF is expanding their portfolio integrating bio-based solutions to enable industry sustainability. 


BASFs dedicated bio-based portfolio offers solutions for multiple applications. Either as substitute for a fossil alternative (so called drop-ins) to reduce the carbon footprint or new products using their unique properties that can either not or not cost-efficiently be achieved with a fossil feedstock.

Key features and benefits

  • High-quality printing with bio-based materials
  • Bio-Renewal Content to complement paper that is cellulose based
  • CO2 Reduction - Due to lower Product Carbon Footprint compared to products fully based on fossil resources (ISO-based Life Cycle Assessments)
  • VOC Reduction and glycol ether free
  • Water-based bio-based binders
  • Food contact compliant*


  • Inks
  • Overprint varnish (OPV)
  • Functional Coatings