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Dispersions & Resins

Joncryl ECO


Joncryl ECO resins, solutions and rheology controlled (RC) emulsions meet the most stringent formulation requirements of in and overprint varnish (OPV) manufacturers.

Recommended Usage

  • High molecular weight resins for high pigment loading
  • High solids dispersions used in quality inks for film, foil, and paper applications
  • General purpose, mid-range molecular weight resins for gloss, resolubility
  • Drying speed modification for use in inks and overprint varnishes
  • Very low molecular weight resins used in high gloss overprint varnishes and label inks

Rheology Controlled Emulsions

The near Newtonian flow characteristics of Joncryl Rheology Controlled (RC) emulsions allow inks and overprint varnishes to meet the demanding shear stress encountered in high speed flexographic and gravure printing. In addition, they provide wetting and adhesion as well as gloss and clarity to inks and overprint varnishes on a wide variety of substrates. The versatile Joncryl LMV line provides resolubility, pH stability, and improved pressroom efficiency through savings in ink additives and a reduction in ink waste.

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