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Joncryl FLX

A surface printing vehicle that makes the conversion to water-based inks for medium duty film applications a cost-effective reality.


Joncryl® FLX is a resin series that has excellent resistance/resolubility balance and was developed for use in flexible packaging applications like bread bags, frozen food bags, and heavy duty bags. Inks based on Joncryl FLX series make a cost-effective alternative to solvent-based inks and eliminates your customer’s need to worry about U.S. EPA VOC restrictions and European VOC and ATEX legislations.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Self-crosslinking emulsion with excellent press resolubility Develops excellent rub, wet crinkle, and deep freeze resistance 
  • Excellent heat seal resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to polyolefin films
  • Good printability for high quality surface printing
  • A cost-effective and environmentally compliant alternative to solvent-based inks

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Joncryl FLX User's Guide

A high performance, water-based, surface printing vehicle.