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Joncryl LMV


Joncryl® LMV 7000 series are low maintenance, water-based polymers for printing inks. These polymers reduce print waste by providing clean printing and excellent pH stability without sacrificing resistance properties.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Significant cost savings in ink additives and spoiled ink
  • Improved pressroom efficiency
  • Less print waste
Industry studies show that total press downtime in a flexo packaging operation can be as high as 50%. Of that downtime, 20% is “ink related.” The Joncryl LMV 7000 series of low maintenance vehicles provide the printing industry a complete selection of resin solutions and emulsions. Ink makers now have the ability to offer printers and converters an alternative to current water-based technology with Joncryl LMV 7000 series polymers. This can reduce waste and downtime due to anilox plugging and ink buildup on plates. Joncryl LMV 7000 series pH-stable polymers, when used to make low VOC inks for paper, film, and foil inks, demonstrate a balanceof clean printing, resolubility, and excellent pH stability without sacrificing resistance properties.


Inks based on Joncryl LMV 7000 series polymers have excellent resolubility on press. This benefit has a direct correlation to the amount of waste that a press generates when the ink dries in the cylinder after a process upset or other shutdown. 


Joncryl LMV 7000 series polymers maintain pH over long press runs —even on light coverage print jobs. 

Figure 2 illustrates the excellent pH stability of inks based on Joncryl LMV 7040 emulsion. Inks were formulated with Joncryl LMV 7000 series polymers and compared with standard water-based polymers. The pH of the Joncryl LMV-based inks remained stable over the entire run.

Joncryl LMV 7000 Series User's Guide

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