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Tinuvin stabilizers & UV absorbers

Performance additives for UV protection and durability

Tinuvin® performance additives are designed to protect and extend the lifetime of coatings. Our portfolio contains two types of light stabilizers: Ultraviolet Light Absorbers (UVA) and Hindered-Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS). Based on the nature of the light absorbing unit, several types of UVA are commercially available. Benzotriazoles offer the broadest spectral coverge.

HALS trap free radicals to maintail surface properties such as gloss and prevent craking and chalking of paints. When combined, UVA and HALS provide synergistic effects and offer simplicity of formulation. 

Tinuvin CarboProtect® is an advanced additive uniquely designed to provide top durability and high tech styling options for exposed lightweight carbon fiber reinforced composites materials in automotive parts. 

Additive Type Key Features

Long photo-permanence

Long wavelength absorbance


Long photo-permanence

High extinction coefficient

DW (water-dispersible) series

Low/zero VOC compositions

Stir-in, non-settling material

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